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Online pharmacy Levitra generic vs. physical stores

Shopping in person has its obvious perks: you get to check out the offer, to see the items with your own eyes, and, most importantly, to bring home the haul on the same day. The downsides are also understood: it takes a lot of legwork to compare prices off different (pharmacy) stores, the availability of the items you need is not always a given, traveling in person to get the drugs you need in person is not always possible, and the price tends to be higher.

Buying sexual health drugs in person is an even trickier matter because a certain degree of embarrassment is involved in the equation when sensitive items are concerned. Levitra is definitely on that list.

But more importantly, generic Levitra cost can be much higher in physical drugstores. Why so? There are generics and generics if we might put it like this. The local stores do not always have cheaper generics produced outside of the U.S. True, generics are less expensive by definition; but while generic Levitra produced in the States will save you half the price of the brand-name drug, Indian generics will guarantee savings of up to 90% - without a reduction in quality.

Where do I buy generic Levitra?

We have already established that the Internet is an optimal price point to buy Levitra generic. But how to ensure that you get the best Levitra price quotation? Using a service like PharmacyChecker.com, you can easily compare the cost of generic Levitra off multiple retailers. The best part of it is that they are all accredited for selling the drug in the U.S.

You will save more money if you look for reliable retailers of Levitra generic in Canada. The shipping cost will be not as prohibitive as when ordering the pills from Europe or Asia, and the trustworthiness factor is high.

Is it legal to import drugs from other countries? There is conflicting information coming from official sources: on the one hand, it is frowned upon by the FDA, and on the other hand, they are all but officially turning the blind eye to this practice. The most important rule here is to make sure you have a valid prescription by the U.S. doctor when buying the pills because you will need to prove that you order the medications for personal use (and in the quantity not exceeding a 90-days’ supply). Purchase Levitra without prescription, and you run the risk of it getting stuck irretrievably at the customs.

Final thoughts on generic Levitra sale online

So where to buy Levitra online? Below, we will list several reliable pharmacy stores that are ranked high by users and authorities. In the meantime, we remind you to use common sense and buy Levitra pills that are only produced by accredited manufacturers of generic vardenafil and follow the simple rules of having a valid prescription and ordering reasonable quantities of the drug. You are welcome to ask further questions about Levitra generic purchase and pharmacy-related matters in our Contact Us section.