Levitra Over The Counter

Levitra generic: basic facts

Generic Levitra is a prescription drug for men with impotence. The drug contains the active substance vardenafil and works by increasing the blood flow to the penis. Many people believe that generic Levitra is non-prescription and can be bought over the counter. That's not true. Levitra, generic or brand-name alike, is a prescription drug and is not allowed to be purchased without a prescription. Talk to your doctor if you think you need Levitra.

Where do rumors of Levitra generic OTC come from?

This being said, the misconception about Levitra over the counter is not altogether ungrounded. In 2017, the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, MHRA, announced that the analog of Levitra, the ED pill Viagra, would retail without prescription. The decision comprised that men over the age of 18 would be able to buy the drug in its median dose at local pharmacies without first having been prescribed it by a doctor. But it is required that the pharmacist who sells the drug first makes a health assessment of the customer. A handful of countries followed the suit, but not the U.S.

As for Levitra, although its effects are fairly similar to those of Viagra, the possibility of selling it without prescription is currently not discussed. There is a lot of facts that are important to know before you start taking either of the drugs. This is why in the U.S., you need to see a healthcare provider before you buy Levitra generic online. For instance, Levitra should not be combined with a number of common medicines, such as blood pressure medicines and some heart medicines. It should not be sold to people with, for example, severe cardiovascular disease or liver or kidney failure. This is why you cannot just walk in and buy generic Levitra at Walmart: you need to have a doctor check-up first, for your own safety.

Generic Levitra does not equal Levitra OTC

There is another side to this misconception though. When Levitra generic became approved for sale in the U.S. in October 2018 by the FDA, 15 long years after it first hit the market shelves, many believed that it became an OTC solution. This is not the meaning of the term ”generic” though.

When the drug is produced as a generic medication, it simply means that its manufacturer is not the same company that discovered the formula. The cycle of any drug’s life starts long before it becomes available in pharmacies, and millions of dollars can be spent in the process. To gain a better understanding of the drug development stages and costs, please take a look at the graphical representation below:

When Levitra generic became available, it caused an abrupt and meaningful drop in price. The price for generic Levitra is about 90% lower than that of the brand-name drug – all because the generic manufacturers skip paying the development, patenting and marketing costs. The quality of generic Levitra is ensured through thorough checks run by the FDA, and only the best-fitted pharmaceutical companies make the cut. Therefore, when you buy generic Levitra, you pay for the product itself, not its discovery. You can bring the cost of Levitra generic even lower with discount codes available through independent websites, please check this article to learn more.