Welcome to the Medical Light Association

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The Medical Light Association (MLA) is dedicated to advancing awareness of the increasing use of Light Therapy in the areas of health and medicine. Recently established, MLA has created a unique alliance and discussion vehicle for communication among the many different types of medical light practitioners. By putting together the world’s leading photonic researchers, from doctors and scientists to engineers and developers, this consortium facilitates communicating information on new ways to combat some of the most serious health threats facing humanity.

Our mission is to keep the public and medical profession up to date on this rapidly advancing industry. The user-friendly MLA website provides information for both individuals and industry professionals. The MLA supports the medical community by highlighting useful, ingenious and cutting-edge Light Therapy programs and applications available to medical practitioners. The MLA is committed to becoming a hub for the medical community, working to educate and network. Our online library for laymen and academics offers a free database of international clinics, device and drug developers; a platform for exchanging ideas, articles and studies; video clips; and interviews with doctors, scientists, physiotherapists, government regulators and other industry experts.

The medical profession is continually evolving and the MLA supports efforts to explore new and exciting developments in Photodynamic Therapy, Biostimulation, Ultraviolet Blood Photophoresis, Low Intensity Laser Therapy and other health innovations with light. MLA endorses accredited University programs and private research and development in the fields of light and health related biology.

If you have any questions or comments, would like a press kit, or want your business, institution, program, clinic, study or event linked on the site please feel free to contact us at info@MedicalLightAssociation.com.

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Matt DeBow