Interviews with Leading Experts

Josephine Woodhams, Ph.D. • Better photosensitive drugs. (trt 1.18)

Professor Stephen G. Bown, M.D. - University College London • Description of Photodynamic Therapy. (trt .31)

Ronald K. Hsu, M.D. - UC Davis Medical Center • A photo-chemicle reaction, destroying the diseased tissue. (trt .44)

Dr. Wolfgang Neuberger - BioLitec , Germany • Treating cancer and gum disease with Photodynamic Therapy. (trt .48)

Professor H. P. Berlien, M.D. - Krankenhaus, Germany • Approved divices can be used for anything (trt .33)

Weijia Zhou, Ph.D. - WCSAR • Biostimulation used by NASA for healing cuts and burns. (trt .28)

RobLee Allen, M.D. - UC Davis Medical Center • Light for Cancer and possibly viruse elimination. (trt .27)

Richard Hamblen, Ph.D. - Harvard Medical School • Killing bacteria with light. (trt .29)

Bergren Overholt, M.D. - GIA • Treating cancer with light. (trt .34)

David Olszewski, E.E. - Light Energy Company • Healing injuries with light. (trt .30)

Harris Medical Resouces • Ultraviolet Blood Treatment (trt 1:50)

Fred Kahn, M.D. - Meditech, Canada • Prompt light, reduces damage and saves money. (trt .49)

Chukuka Enwemeka, Ph.D. - NY Institute of Technology • Using light to save peoples limbs. (trt .44)