Biostimulation Treatment Synopsis

Biostimulation uses specific color waves of light stimulate a biochemical reaction that stabilizes cell function. What is definite about this innovation is it does not mask the symptoms, its fixes the problem. The technology accelerates wound healing of injured tissue while reducing pain, increasing circulation, restoring normal range of motion and improving the overall quality of life. It is effective for: sports injuries, sciatica, diabetic lesion repair, nerve regeneration, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, dermal ulcers, oral lesions, acne, burns, stretch marks, removal of facial lines, ligament sprains and general pain relief. Light is absorbed by the photo-receptor within each cell. The illuminated tissue increases blood flow helping to carry vitamins and nutrients into the areas where they are needed. As a result of the increased blood flow, toxins and by-products are taken away from the suffering tissue quickly. Research discovered that the best healing results from light within ranges from red (600nm) to infrared (1100nm). Most commonly known as biostimulation it has also been referred as: LILT, LLLT, photobio therapy, photonic stimulation amongst many others. Biostimulation therapy is a safe non toxic, non invasive treatment with no known side effects, it is cost effective and a superior alternative to drugs and surgery. Patients in many cases are able to cease the use of medications with a few treatments. Biostimulation is many cases a better option and less risk than surgical procedure. It is believed by many experts that biostimulation therapy could save the health care system billions of dollars. NASA, many professional sports teams, US military and doctors around the world are currently using this technology. (Treatment Indications)