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Photodynamic Therapy - Comments
PDT uses a light and a drug to destroy diseased tissue.

Biostimulation (LILT/ LLLT) - Comments
Bios speeds up healing and repairs injured tissue. Biostimulation is said to have the potential to reduce the damage caused by stroke and heart attack by 50 percent, amongst many other powerful healing modalities.

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation - Comments
UBI is a powerful anti-viral/bacterial treatment. With the rise of antibiotic resistant illness it might be the new cure.

Natural Sunlight - Comments
Exposure to natural sunlight is shown to reduce a person risk for incidence of cancer, including melanoma. With the exception of basil cell carcinoma, which is successfully treated in over 90 percent of cases.

Artificial Illumination - Comments
Artificial Illumination disrupts normal hormonal function having negative systemic and physiological effects.